Buy Instagram Followers in 2016

We will explain how you can buy Instagram followers to help your account

Buy Instagram Followers in 2016

Focus on the image, the two social networks, long in the shadow of Facebook and Twitter, rise in rank, each in their own way. The brands and reflect more a real strategy, essential before launching it. So we chose Instagram or Pinterest?

Instagram: social network comes up. Formerly abandoned by the marks in favor of Twitter and Facebook, it takes up the ranks as it opens to advertising. “On our 7 social networks, Instagram is one that has had the best growth in 2015,” explains Delphine Buchotte, Director Communications and pictures of L’Oréal Paris France. “Now brands insist on being on Instagram” Lilith added Ajchenbaum, social media manager at Beehive & Pollen, social media agency of Braaxe. But before venturing on Instagram, “we must ask the right questions, provides Ajchenbaum Lilith, there are plenty of good reasons to be on Instagram, but does this make sense? The target is, there present? has it something to show buy followers on instagram? ” She continues. Instagram allows you to share photos and videos with its subscribers, but also publicly through hashtags and non-private profiles.

Opposite, Pinterest is the minnows with his audience niche. The social network, also very visual, creates tables, using pinned content. Its main asset is to redirect users to commercial sites through URL. Pinterest is the network that we must not leave out, “It is very inspiring” Judge Stephanie Jallet responsible social marketing for Monoprix. Pinterest would, she said, not to be taken lightly, unlike Instagram, which promotes the brand image, “Pinterest generates traffic” notes Stephanie Jallet. Especially as Pinterest has launched a buy button in the United States, which could eventually reach France. So more and more Instagram Pinterest? Focus on the right questions to ask before embarking. We made a list of the best sites where you can buy instagram followers in 2016 for the best prices possible.

“My target is there she” is the right question to ask before choosing one or the other, says Anastasia Haubtmann, also social media manager at Beehive & Pollen, “Instagram on the target is young and wider than on Pinterest “she explains. If both social networks show a feminine audience, Pinterest focuses niche audiences, influencers, creative who will seek inspiration.

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