Best VPN service for your home

How do you choose the best VPN to use at home ?

Best VPN service for your home

Now there are more fines for Popcorn Time to seem to come it is a good idea to check out what better protect yourself on the internet. Our favorite way to do this is to use a VPN, but how do you choose the best from now? We put here.

Let’s start with the most obvious aspect: the price. You would not, of course, pay too much for a VPN, but how do you determine what the price is?

It’s tempting to choose a best VPN service, whether or not in the form of an add-on or app. That we recommend, however, because certainly never really free is free at Vpns. So there was the popular add-on Hola, that lets you in Chrome and Firefox from region could switch in, for example, Netflix. However, the VPN was notoriously unsafe because the users abused in a large botnet.

You should get a free VPN (and actually any internet service) wonder what the business model is. Perhaps the VPN service is a free and a paid version, and the company hopes to entice you with a free trial period to buy the paid version. The VPN or trying to make money by displaying ads to show during your connection. In short: If the business model is unclear, it is not smart to use it. The money must be earned anything.

For a good VPN you can so the best pay-though it’s hard to paste a good amount on such a service. Often the costs are increasing as more servers are available and there is a faster connection. More on that we tell more later.

Number of servers and locations

At a VPN do you use remote servers, and at a good VPN you can then also use a selection of servers.

That has a few advantages. So servers fall under the jurisdiction of the country concerned. For example, at a request from the police to cede data it is better to have a server in a country like Costa Rica than in America.

There is also a pragmatic reason to opt for a service with multiple servers. Many services are still segmental, so can you with servers in America the American (and larger) offerings. And then there’s the supply of other countries such as Canada, that is different.

View so ahead of time or your VPN service uses servers in several countries, and which countries that are. If you are serious about your privacy, you will choose servers that are in a country that not just exchanging information. You can learn more about countries with a data retention Treaty. What is striking is that the United States no obligation offers companies to store data.

The location of the company

Related to the above point: also look good where the parent company is. It makes not only where the servers are located, but also the country that offers the service. That may not have all the information about your surfing habits, but if you have an account, what your email address is there, and with which credit card you pay. And that might be information that you want to keep behind …

If you really want to, you can in many cases do use an anonymous email address, but the real anonymity do you get when you pay in Coins the service. Thus are you totally untraceable.

Tracking logs

This is an important: keep the VPN service logs of what you do? It differs per service which logs whether or not be tracked. The best known and most frequently used services often do not keep logs at, but it may be that there will still be tracked.