Books by A. B. Ewing

Author A.B. Ewing has a few books and more in the works. Below are just a small portion of reviews and excerpts. Her books are extremely intriguing and will keep you entertained and drawn in. If you are looking for African American Romance, Caribbean Romance, cheating husbands, contemporary romance, forgiveness, interracial romance, latin romance, revenge, romance, second chance romance, than you have found the right Author. Below is the bio from Amazon.

A.B. Ewing is a thirty-something year-old wife and mother of two teenagers who currently resides in the Caribbean. Before now, she was a nine-year-old schoolgirl who sneakily read romance novels and by the time she hit puberty, craved to write them. Her problem was never believing she had what it’d take to make such a story great. Some years, a little dabbling, and many uncompleted manuscripts later, she came across while searching for a good book. There she built and extensive fan base from numerous countries after posting parts of progressive stories.

She appreciates all support and constructive criticism and can be contacted at any time under her Wattpad username, Princes04.